Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tughluq Effect

Kapil Sibal and Jairam Ramesh are keen followers of Muhammad bin Tughluq.

Sibal wants students to get 80% and above to qualify for the IIT's and at the same time does not want them to write the board exams for 10th Standard. Reasoning is weird - He wants the kids to be relieved of the exam pressure and the rat race but two years later wants them to score a huge percentile in boards to qualify for IIT seat.

Idea is to discourage the coaching Industry. There are better ways to regulate this industry, not by penalizing the kids who will have no second chance in their life. My own personal experience is that there are thousand of students who have cleared their IIT / other entrance exams in 2nd attempts and have been hugely successful in their career adding to the tax paying society across the world.

Sibalji is a man in a hurry to prove he is on a mission to change the education system in India. Is he on a mission to point to prove that HR Ministry has an able custodian unlike his predecessor?

Jairam Ramesh has a unique ambition to be the brand ambassador of FAB India. What is he doing in the Ministry of Environment and Forests! Energy is this country is still an Urban phenomenon. His advocacy to reduce the green house emission and his stand on climate negotiations is a clear indication of the more power cuts we are going to face in future. He wants us to be green at the cost of no development, so as we continue to be dependant and a developing nation!!!

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  1. I full agree Himank.

    Mr. Sibal would like to bring a evolution in Education in India...